Quality onion sets

AGPRO ONIONS B.V is a company that has been cultivating, processing, stocking and selling onion sets for more than 50 years. Our enterprise delivers our own cultivation exclusively.

Only people with years of experience work in our company, which is managed by the Hal family. They have more than 50 years of experience with onions in general, so we can guarantee the quality of our products 100%.

The AGPRO ONIONS B.V. onion sets are cultivated in ground that is, according to recent ground inspections, free from eelworms and white rot. Our onion sets are also cultivated and inspected according to the onion set regulation of the NAK horticulture.

AGPRO ONIONS B.V. has its own processing line, which means we can deliver our onion sets in various sizes. Thus, we can deliver 10 and 25 kg. sacks with our modern packaging line (with other possible packaging negotiable).

AGPRO ONIONS B.V. specialises in the production of onion sets and we offer:

  • the best quality from our own production
  • a fully traceable product from the sowing all the way through to the harvesting
  • cultivation according to the onion set regulation of the NAK horticulture
  • optimal storage through daily control in our own storage facilities.

With kind regards,
The Hal family